2016 NMMI Officer and Support Contact List:

-President: Victoria (Beth) Gantzer


-Vice President: Gregory Connors


-Treasurer: John Gantzer


-Secretary: John Gantzer


-Membership Director: Vacant


-Chapter 59 Webmaster: John Gantzer


-Chapter 59 Muskie Magazine Reporter: Vacant


-Chapter 59 Volunteer Activities Director: Vacant



Mailing address:

New Mexico Muskies Inc.

14 Jay Bird Loop

Los Lunas NM 87031


John Gantzer (505)-866-5061


Frequently Asked Questions -

What kind of gear or line do I need and are steel leaders necessary?

Yes, steel leaders are necessary and should be at least 18" long. It doesn't help to use steel if your mainline is too small. These fish are powerful and a TM over 45 inches will put your gear through a beating. 30 pound main line is the smallest an angler should be using when targeting Tiger Muskies. Braid doesn't help at all and will easily get sliced if a fish takes a bait deep or head first; not to mention the potential for the gill plate can also slice braid if a fish rolls and the line goes across the side of it's head.

How do I join NMMI?

  NMMI is Chapter 59 of Muskies Inc. International. In order to join our chapter you need to complete an application and mail it in, with payment, to MI International. Be sure to indicate you want to join chapter 59 (us).  You can also join online through the MI national website. www.muskiesinc.org
NMMI has a link to the application in the "Why join Muskies Inc?" page on this site.

When and were are the NMMI meetings?

 See the Schedule page for current meeting details)

Do I have to be a Member to show up to the meetings and outings?

  No, you do not. You are more than welcome to join us at our general meetings and events to see if we are offering what you are looking for.  We want members who want to be there but understand, this is just a fishing club. We're here to have fun and try to make a difference in these fisheries we care so much about.

I've heard the tiger muskies are eating all the trout: Is that true?

No, it couldn't be any further from the truth. There is concrete scientific merit that proves tiger muskie and pure strain muskies are know to coexist with many other game fish. As a matter of fact these fish will help sustain a healthy balance of non game fish species therefor allowing other game fish to grow larger and be more plentiful!
See this "What do NM Tiger Muskies Eat" brochure NMDGF helped our club with.


Why is Musky spelled both Muskie and Musky?

Muskie is mostly a Minnesota spelling and Musky is the Wisconsin version. Depending on where you began fishing for muskies, that will be the way you spell it. Muskies Magazine was first published in Minnesota, where Muskies Inc. was founded. On the other hand, Musky Hunter Magazine was founded and is published in Wisconsin. The Musky is the official State Fish of Wisconsin. So, either spelling is correct. In both cases, the plural form is spelled Muskies with an ie.

What is a Tiger Muskie?

Tiger Muskies are long, slender fish with vertical "tiger" stripes. They are a hybrid/cross between two non-native, predatory species: a male northern pike and female muskellunge. As hybrids they are sterile and thus grow relatively fast.

How many New Mexico lakes are currently stocked with muskies?

Two, Bluewater Lake State Park, and Quemado Lake.

How long do Muskies live and how big do they get?

The answer varies depending on whether you're talking about Pure bred Muskies or sterile Tiger Muskies, and where they live. And who you ask. But under ideal conditions Pure bred Muskies can grow up to 72 inches and in some cases live more than 20 years. 50-60 inches and 15-20 years is probably typical if they aren't stressed. Tiger Muskies will grow to between 40-50 inches and live 8-10 years under good conditions. In both cases females generally grow faster and live longer than males. Our lakes are the furthest Muskie lakes on the southern hemisphere to be stocked with tigers, so the growth rates are still unpredictable.

Who is Hugh C. Becker?

Visit the following link to learn more about Hugh C. Becker and the legacy his Foundation is passing on: http://www.twincitiesmuskiesinc.org/hughbecker/?n2s_url=2010-hugh-c.-becker-fund-grants-announced-4.html

A Challange by Beth Loyd

I joined New Mexico Muskies because I like to fish - especially Muskies! I also joined for the opportunity to socialize with other people who like to fish. I have found that most members enjoy the Expos and attend little else. John and I went to Quemado over the weekend of Sept. 18th, it was absolutely beautiful! Unfortunately, we were the only members from New Mexico Muskies who attended. What a waste, you who did not attend missed an opportunity to enjoy all the beauty and wonder one finds in such a remote setting. I feel sorry and ashamed you missed such a wonderful opportunity and that you care so little for the cohesiveness of Chapter 59. 

I joined Chapter 59 in the spirit of moving the chapter forward by fostering an understanding of the overall welfare for the Tiger Muskie and their habitat. So far I have heard nothing but squabbling and discord, which I am sure makes our chapter a shining example of cooperation to other chapters. I would challenge you squabblers and Expo only members to become active in the leadership and direction of our chapter. Members who disapprove of the direction of the chapter is taking - step up and do something besides complain. I know John and I have. To those complainers I ask, When was the last board meeting you attended, when was the last time you suggested a possible solution? Please get off your lazy butts and participate! I don't give a rip if you don't like the truth, do something to make a difference!